Tuesday/Wednesday – Day 303/304

Posted on 3rd June 2013

Tuesday I woke up pretty exhausted, checked out from the hotel and headed over to see Mum for the last time in the US. After lunch together, I caught BART with my belongings to the airport and after a few delays, landed safely in Philly at 1AM.

That night I slept in the Glouse before waking up decently early in the morning to meet up with Ariella and Raymond Habbaz at a house being rented out by a few members of the OCP. After breakfast and a few errands, we all set out to Holmdel, NJ, where Ariella lived, dropping Raymond off at his place just before we arrived. Ariella took the luxury of a shower and change before we continued onward to NYC for an event hosted by dreamit, a startup accelerator invested in a few Israeli companies.

I thoroughly enjoyed the event, getting to mix with both technologists and investors, and make a few good links for my future. One guy I met there, Nuesir Yassin, worked at Venmo, an online payments start-up and, offered to give me a tour the next day. I eagerly accepted.

After the event, Ariella’s mom, Sarah, again took me out to dinner with her before inviting me back to stay overnight. After much convincing I eventually agreed to stay on the basis of getting a chance to watch some of the new Arrested Development season with Ariella.

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