Sunday/Monday – Day 301/302

Posted on 3rd June 2013

Sunday was a big day in terms of performance, probably our most important this semester. Today was the day of the San Fransisco Giants game and our performance of the national anthem for it. The game was especially big as it was Memorial Day weekend and the stadium was filled out to honor the soldiers and see the game over the long weekend. Mum and Dad came along.

Mum and Dad Giants

It was most exciting to perform for so many people but unfortunately, the TV broadcast began just minutes after our singing and so other than the video taken by dad, I have no recording of it.

The Game

Following the game, I went with Mum and Dad to their hotel so that I could take Dad to the airport and see a close family friend ‘Aunty’ Shirley in the afternoon. After packing up the bags we headed down on BART (bay area train), dropped off Dad at the airport, and the continued on to Palo Alto, where I grew up.

Shirley drove us around the area, first taking us to the house that my family lived in while my dad was doing his post-doc, a small student apartment. Next up was my elementary school, where Flora and I had met and spent first and second grades together.


A final surprise just as we were pulling in to her house; Shirley pointed out the house of Martin Hellman, a cryptologic hero who had invented a large portion of modern cryptography. After an hour of chatting with Shirley and her genius husband Mark, Shirley, Mum and I set off for dinner nearby.

After dinner I headed back to SFC to go out to a local bar with Dan Torrington, Scott Ventre, JHo and C. Erik Nordgren (our conductor). The bar was the single bar in the area that wasn’t touristy. It was filled with blue-collar workers and was a little dark and dingy. This was to the delight of Dan who much preferred local watering holes to expensive done-up spots.

Monday was the final day of tour, to be spent at Alcatraz. Most of club had brought their ties and tails with them in expectation of a group photo to be taken in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, due to the weather, they were never used. The weather however did suit the tour of America’s first supermax prison.


After the tour I hung out with Dan Torrington for a while, walking over to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, two big tourist destinations, before heading over to Ghiradelli Square, the original site of Ghiradelli Chocolates.


After returning to the hostel I took a nap before the final night activities which due to their secrecy I can again, not write about here. Needless to say, there were plenty of tears.

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