Thursday/Friday/Shabbat 305/306/307

Posted on 3rd June 2013

Today was boiling hot. NYC had reached a sweltering forty degrees celcius but yet, I ventured out for my tour of Venmo. My lunch there was really interesting as startup ideas were flying back and forth over the table and markets were analysed. The brightest and most technically capable were all in one room, passing around ‘disruptive’ ideas for critique and trying to refine them over a meal.

After lunch, I walked around the city for a while before meeting up with Molly Hutt and her boyfriend Luke (an awesome guy) and sitting down in a Mexican place for drinks and a chance to escape the heat.

That evening I picked up Ariella after her day of study on a program called “Drisha” and took her to a speakeasy in NYC called ‘Raine’s Law Room’, which was hidden behind a black door in an unmarked building downtown. After a drink for the both of us, we headed to the Port Authority and waited for the bus that would be taking her back home to NJ.

Friday I spent most of the day in due to the heat, aside from a three hour long venture to pick up a suitcase from Dovie Rosenberg, who was apartment hunting on the upper west side with a few other OCPers.

Friday night and Shabbat were spent pleasantly with my cousins on the upper east side, piling my way through a number of books, one of which, “The Guide to the Perplexed”, was highly enjoyable. After Shabbat, I stayed in again, though  this time due to my inability to arrange anything in time but, I enjoyed that too.

Tomorrow is my last full day in the USA. That’s scary.

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