Wednesday/Thursday – Day 9/10

Posted on 7th January 2014

Wednesday was a bit of a sleep in and a lazy morning. I was due to see Simon Rosenberg, an old school friend, in the afternoon but my morning was all free, so I chilled in the apartment and got some stuff ready for my internship. At around 1:30 in the afternoon I met Simon at the subway and took him back to show him the apartment. He was so amazed by the gamelatron that he filmed it for a few minutes before we left. The afternoon saw us move from coffee shop to coffee shop and to falafel as well, to catch up on the last age that we’d been missing each other.

As the sky grew dark, I picked up my bags from the apartment, locked it all up, and said bye to Simon. I caught a train back to NJ where Ariella was waiting for me in particularly good spirits. After dinner, we spent the rest of the night working on a website for her, complete with running her own server on AWS (Amazon’s hosted resources). Her stack was Nginx+PHP-FPM+MYSQL+Wordpress but even that took a while to get going, as we went through every step so that she could learn the ins and outs of administering it.

The next morning I was awake alone as Ariella sleep following our long night. Pretty much as soon as she woke up, I had to race to catch the train as Dan had requested that I use the keys I still had on me to let a friend of his in. However, this whole afternoon the weather was becoming increasingly grim as dark clouds rolled overhead. Thus by the time I had reached the apartment a message was waiting for me that his friend’s flight had been delayed and I had to stick around a couple of hours more. By the time his friend Ben had arrived, it had started snowing, somewhat lightly, but the skies suggested things weren’t to stay that way.

I caught up with Simon again, just as the skies were really opening up, and we headed into the subway together. By the time we got out at 33rd St, the temperature had dropped a good five or so degrees and we hurried into 2nd Ave Deli for a somewhat traditional Jewish eating experience. The pickles, coleslaw and burger were delicious but I couldn’t manage a half of what was on my plate. Just too much! Simon completed his schnitzel and remarked on my poor attempt.

When we finished and walked back onto the street, it was already covered in a thin white layer. We both found this exciting for about ten seconds before the accompanying chill hit us. We almost ran into the subway and soon were at Marie’s, which was now almost a regular haunt of mine. However the piano player tonight was a little too interested in Simon and made advances that were probably enough to make anyone uncomfortable. I felt pretty bad as I’d hyped up the place. Soon after Simon left, the Laura’s arrived and I proceeded to have a great time again, walking back to Dan’s as humanely late as I could. One of the Laura’s gave me her number and told me to keep in touch so that we could meet up again on Saturday night and I promised I would.


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