Friday/Saturday – Day 10/11

Posted on 9th January 2014

Friday I was off to a new state: Connecticut. After an elongated breakfast with Ben and Dan (fantastic as always), I took off to Grand Central Station to catch the ‘Metro North Line’ to Westport. After an hour long train ride, I stepped off to see Susan Greenberg and Eric O’ Brian waiting for me. Both were close friends from Penn, and Eric, a real computer whiz, had been in the Glee Club with me. After my adventures from the past number of days I was pretty exhausted and, given the snowstorm raging, we decided that it would be a weekend in.

Lunch was just a bit of nutella and pumpkin bread over a long catch up. The sky soon darkened outside and before I knew it, dinner time had arrived. Fish tacos were the local specialty and I gladly partook. There really wasn’t much to report from the entire Shabbat, other than some much needed rest. When it was once again late, Susan and Eric drove me back to the train station for my train back to NYC.

NYC this time was a bit of a schlep. First off I had to retrieve my bags from Dan’s place. Then it was off to Simon’s in Brooklyn, three trains away and a twenty minute walk through the icy sludge. Unfortunately the directions he had given me were also only valid for weekends, so about two hours later I arrived totally worn out at his place. However I didn’t have time to stay and chat for long as Laura wanted a chance to say bye, so back I headed into Manhattan. This time the trip was only forty minutes, but I kept a close eye on the time as I needed to be back before Simon headed to sleep.

A last chance to sing with the crew was much appreciated, but before I knew it, it was past eleven and time to head back. After a somewhat shorter trip home, Simon and I chatted for a few hours, before I crashed on the couch with my bags resting against my head.

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