Sunday/Monday/Tuesday – Day 272/273/274

Posted on 6th May 2013

Sunday was the festival of Lag Ba’omer though by the lack of celebrations taking place, it could’ve better been the festival of studying.  I too had hopped on the bandwagon, grossly intimidated by the Physics exam upcoming on Tuesday. However, I can say that I truly enjoyed studying in Hillel with Ariella and Louis. They kept my spirits up and were sufficient entertainment when breaks were needed.

In the afternoon I attended a BBQ to celebrate the Hillel Dining workers union card check that they had been fighting for. Following that it was back to Hillel for dinner and learning, this time with Louis. We learnt the first few letters of the aleph bet and a word or two, but he wasn’t so enthused, despite assuaging his guilt at getting free bagels.

Monday was a repeat of Sunday, just more intense. I was getting pretty scared by this time. My practice exams were all printed out and I had run through each of them a half dozen times.

The afternoon held yet another technical interview, nothing particularly significant. Another cool startup, another hour long talk!

I got to bed early, which was much needed before waking up bright and early for final study on Tuesday. The exam itself wasn’t tooo terrible, the questions were all familiar, even though I had difficulty with a few that I should’ve found easy. Nevertheless, after the exam I was in high spirits and spent the rest of the day bugging Ariella and Louis and distracting everyone from there work. A day well done.

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