Friday/Shabbat – Day 270/271

Posted on 3rd May 2013

Today was nothing special, just lots of prepping for 121 grading. A few more miscellaneous tasks and some physics study. In the evening, I had a meal at Hillel with many close to me, followed by a brief visit to the Glouse to say hi. One notable feature of the meal was the presence of Rivka Holzer, who at first seemed a little quiet but. However this actually spirited friend of Ariella’s managed to leave quite an impression by the end of the weekend .

Shabbat was lovely, it was a goodbye OCP lunch for me hosted by a few friends, though there were so many others who I wish were invited, my friends unfortunately had limited table space and limited food. I would have to arrange more meals with the others after.The meal was one of the best moments I’ve had at Penn, with so many people I appreciated present.

The evening was spent at The Penn Pipers’ concert. The Penn Pipers are a subset of the Penn Glee Club and are a much tighter (musically) group. They perform barbershop, do-wop and the occasional modern acapella piece. I genuinely enjoyed their concert, their sound was superb and their performance lively.

Following that, I ate a speedy dinner, and then got dressed for “Kegfault”, the bi-annual CIS house party. As much as it isn’t particularly my scene, I was drawn my the company, a whole lot of people I knew, all together having a (hopefully good time). Much to my surprise, Rivka dragged Ariella and Louis along. Something I would not have expected given my prejudice of her as a typical religious Jewish girl (sorry Rivka). Turns out, she was a qualified bartender and was soon mixing drinks for us. Over the weekend, my view of her and changed quite dramatically and I only wish I was able to spend more time with her to kindle a stronger friendship.


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