Tuesday/Wednesday – Day 260/261

April 23, 2013

I was still recovering at this point, and didn’t realize it yet but would be for a while. Today’s physics lecture was fascinating, explaining the mechanics of radiation and leading to discussions on the colour of the sky and water. I felt though it was difficult, I really understood it! I told the professor as such and he wasn’t particularly enthused but let me know that the next lecture was a continuation of the current.

Singing with Brian was better than last week, but my throat still wasn’t quite cutting it and things were more work than usual.

During office hours I had a nice chat with Shilpa Kannan about TAing and why computer science is awesome (definitely more ‘fun’ than finance). She wasn’t particularly enthused by all of my comments but I was glad to spend the time discussing things with her.

It was Yom Haatzmaut today and to celebrate Hillel was having a BBQ. Unfortunately for me I had missed the majority of it during my office hours, arriving just as things were finishing up.

PGC rehearsal finished early tonight and so I had a chance to get some more work done on the Networking project due Wednesday midnight.

Wednesday was mostly stressing out over the project. I skipped classes to try and pull it together but unfortunately I didn’t have much luck. ¬†Our project was hopelessly underdone. I was partially to blame for it this time, I definitely could’ve put more time in. However, the workload again wasn’t divided up evenly or even close to. Very dissatisfied as of 2AM.

Another Intermission

February 14, 2013

The reason for my lack of frequent posting this past week has been pretty strong. Starting from Sunday I have been involved in the Glee Club ‘Hell Week’. A nightmare week of rehearsals till well past midnight every day. I have to go to bed now. 2AM. Can’t function much longer… will write more soon.

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