Tuesday/Wednesday – Day 260/261

Posted on 23rd April 2013

I was still recovering at this point, and didn’t realize it yet but would be for a while. Today’s physics lecture was fascinating, explaining the mechanics of radiation and leading to discussions on the colour of the sky and water. I felt though it was difficult, I really understood it! I told the professor as such and he wasn’t particularly enthused but let me know that the next lecture was a continuation of the current.

Singing with Brian was better than last week, but my throat still wasn’t quite cutting it and things were more work than usual.

During office hours I had a nice chat with Shilpa Kannan about TAing and why computer science is awesome (definitely more ‘fun’ than finance). She wasn’t particularly enthused by all of my comments but I was glad to spend the time discussing things with her.

It was Yom Haatzmaut today and to celebrate Hillel was having a BBQ. Unfortunately for me I had missed the majority of it during my office hours, arriving just as things were finishing up.

PGC rehearsal finished early tonight and so I had a chance to get some more work done on the Networking project due Wednesday midnight.

Wednesday was mostly stressing out over the project. I skipped classes to try and pull it together but unfortunately I didn’t have much luck.  Our project was hopelessly underdone. I was partially to blame for it this time, I definitely could’ve put more time in. However, the workload again wasn’t divided up evenly or even close to. Very dissatisfied as of 2AM.

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