In Which My Weekend is Longer Than Expected

Posted on 24th December 2023

After an overly hasty read of my ticket out, I discovered I had two full days left in Singapore before a flight to the Baltics. This gave me a chance to explore a little further with Liam, though now I was out of my flashy hotel and into m usual dorm rooms in backpacker hostels. The one in Singapore was cramped, with not great bathroom and shower access, but at least it was a) affordable and b) air-conditioned. Plus, the goal was not to spend much time there anyhow.

Top on my list to visit with Liam were Little India and China Town, and Liam suggested visiting the Mustafa Centre, a grand, multi-block, “everything” department store. From high-end watches, to groceries, to shower heads, to tech–all in one place.

Next up we stopped by Mosque street–a heavily touristed area with tourist trap restaurants (in one of which we were caught).

I also explored a little of Chinatown on my own, and caught up with Judy Hong, a former resident of mine from when I lived in Penn’s freshman dorms. Given my tour of law schools, I found one unusual offering on my street: “Foot Health Law”. Perhaps a reader can clarify for me what was meant.

The remainder of my time in Singapore I spent meandering, doing a little photography, and enjoying the vibe. I also encountered the first of many Christmas markets, that would be a significant feature of this trip.

I offloaded all my summer clothes to Liam and then intentionally arrived at the airport early. Singapore Changi Airport has been developed into a shopping, food, and entertainment mecca–known as “Jewel”

As I always travel with just a carry-on, I hadn’t room for the heavy winter clothes that would be necessary for the next part of my trip (the fact I didn’t own any such clothes notwithstanding). I therefore made a pitstop at Uniqlo to buy “Ultra Warm” undershirts, wool socks, and winter pants. And, thank heavens I did.

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