In Which I Begin Recovery

Posted on 26th October 2014

Today is Sunday, October 26, 2014 and the Glee Club show is over. Along with it, a somewhat difficult week, full of rehearsals and close contact with a lot of people both new and old.

The show turned out to be excellent. There were so many enjoyable numbers to sing, dance and perform and it is hard to pick out favourites. One number that stands out in a way is Bogoroditse Devo, a movement from Rachmaninoff’s all-night vigil that I had purchased for the club from a Russian music shop. Other than that, a performance of the broadway version of The Circle of Life was certainly notable.

I thankfully came off the show process with a few new friends and became closer to all the newmen as well. Special call-outs to a few people including the Penn Pipers (especially the newmen, Isaac, Danny and Bhavish) , and a few people from Penn Dance I had the privilege to work with and get to know better (Jane, Lihi, Smush, Kendra, Avalon and many more new friends!).

Penn Dance, our collaborators in the show were fantastic and performed some excellent dances to some excellent tunes. The Penn Glee Club Band upped their game yet again and I hold them in very high regard, both musically and as friends.

I ended the show feeling exhilarated, and even enjoyed the ‘strike’ process (clean up). The after party wasn’t quite my scene, so I left after a little time and enjoyed a good nights rest. Admittedly I was slightly wobblier than usual as I was climbing into bed, due to not having had sufficient dinner and then one celebratory drink with Pearl and Sam, the two good friends of mine from retreat.

Towards my research, I’m making slow progress in what I’m working on. I feel I’m working a little too slowly, however even a little progress while I’m doing my coursework is worthwhile. I’ll probably post explaining the whole process at some point in the near future.


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