In Which I Am Treated By An Old Friend

Posted on 7th October 2014

The next day both Rocky and I woke up fairly late, around 10AM, which left just enough time to rush to shul to hear the shofar and to stay for the Mussaf festival service. The synagogue we went to was unfortunately not nearly as warm and welcoming as Chabad so we resolved to return there for any following services. Lunch was quiet and at home. Rocky made me tea with coconut oil because apparently it was good for all my ailments.  Rocky was great in taking care of me and kind of nursed me back to health slowly from the state I was in upon arrival. Meals were simple but delicious, beans, bread, veggies. Everything I needed.

That evening we both stayed in, too tired to really do much else. However we broke open the copy of portable settlers that I had bought for the purpose and played around five games in a row, with me mincing Rocky a few times over until she got the hang of it. She resolved that we wouldn’t stop playing until she had won, so the games went on for quite a well. When it got too late to play anymore, she had to throw the towel in and we left the rematch till the next day.


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