In Which I Am In A Professional Play

Posted on 20th October 2014

One of the highlights of semester thus far was this week’s rehearsals for “The Events”. A play being put on at the Annenberg Center for Performing Arts. We weren’t told in advance the contents of the play, other than that it revolved around a choirmaster dealing with the aftermath of a mass shooting. We were to play the part of the choir on opening night and sing the backing music for the show.

I really enjoyed learning the music, some of it was really beautiful and also featured a strong baritone line.

The week also featured two midterms that I studied for on Sunday before the play and rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday night.

The play itself on Tuesday night was really enjoyable and interesting, touching on themes of guilty, forgiveness and trauma. It involved the choir in really interesting ways and I think even had I not been a part of it I really would’ve enjoyed going to see it!

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