In Which I Perform for An Octogenarian

Posted on 11th September 2014

Saturday was relatively uninteresting. More Hillel food, more sleep, a modicum of work.

Sunday however was packed with ‘glee’ once more. The best element of the day was a performance for an¬†eightieth birthday of a Penn alum. As we sung , he mouthed the lyrics to all our songs and seemed to particularly enjoy our rendition of ‘Blue Skies’.

Additionally, I spent a few hours in the day mentoring younger computer science students, preparing them for PennApps X, the biannual college hackathon.

In the evening I rehearsed again with PGC  but as this was our Sunday rehearsal, we joined with Penn Dance for collaborative work for the fall show.

Ice-cream followed with my floor and soon after, sleep.

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