Final Day – Monday – Day 309

Posted on 6th June 2013

Well I guess this is it… the end of the road. Still not sure if or how much I’ll be updating this blog once I finish coverage of getting home.

I started today with one last great hurrah, a visit to the Google office in NYC with the lovely Samantha Merritt. It was pouring outside in the morning, and so a little damp, I made my way downtown via subway. My tour of the office ran for about an hour and was even more fun than I imagined it would’ve been. From the great workspaces, to the numerous cafes (with delicious fruit smoothies!), it seemed like an awesome place to work. Lining the walls was tech memorabilia and the hallways were filled with Dr Who references and Lego. I was greatly appreciative for the opportunity and it made me wish to work at a similar place at some point in my career.

Following the tour I had a number of errands to run, boxes to post and bags to pack, but soon I was off to the airport. Security was a little more painful than normal, and the flight experienced minor delays but very soon I was off the ground, sitting in a row of three seats all to myself. By the time I woke up from sleeping, we had already landed in LA. The best sort of flight.


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