Thursday/Friday – Day 290/291

Posted on 21st May 2013

Today was the second day of the festival of Shavuot, and that meant another morning in Synagogue. Lunch today was with the Rabbi of a different congregation and another ordained friend of his. Their families were full of small children, which meant the meal was somewhat disrupted. In between fights, and nap time, and temper tantrums, the table was almost always empty.

In the evening I sat down to read more of my book “I am a strange loop” by Douglas Hofstader, the author of the phenomenal “Godel Escher Bach”. I only got so far however, before sleep overtook me.

I awoke several hours later, in time for the evening service, and departed with Ezra for the synagogue. After the service, I chatted outside with a Microsoft and Amazon employee who were eagerly discussing their experiences at the two firms. For me, it was quite an insight, and quite wonderful as well to be in an area full of people who shared my interests.

Following the departure of the festival, I packed my bags and Ezra drove me over to the hotel where the PGC was staying. While most people were a little confused as to where I had been, I soon fit right back in to the normal scheme.

The next morning was a free day in Seattle, and so after an early breakfast, JHo, a few others and I headed out to catch the ferry to Bainbridge Island. What struck me as we walked through the streets of Seattle, and later along the Island, was the natural beauty that surrounded me. Quite the change from Philly. Even the homeless people seemed happier in their surroundings, and the sun and scenery cheered me greatly.


Seattle and the Space Needle

Once on the island we stopped for an early lunch as a number of people hadn’t eaten at all. While in the small cafe, I people watched for a while until it was time to head off. Next stop was singing in an ice-cream store (the toast as usual). They servers there were appreciative though didn’t give our group free ice-cream.

Bainbridge Beach

Bainbridge Beach

After a pleasant ferry ride back, I explored Pike Place Market,  a fixture for tourism in Seattle and there I enjoyed many sights and smells. Around three pm I received a message from dad letting me know that he had landed and would be at his hotel within an hour and a half. To kill the time till then I thus wandered around the city eventually stumbling upon a Steinway dealer and played on a beautiful second hand Steinway Model ‘S’ from the 1960s. A shame I wasn’t able to buy it then and there.

The Original Starbucks

The Original Starbucks

After walking round for another while I eventually caught up with dad and had a really nice walk through the market followed by a delicious dinner (Halibut for me). I then walked back to the hotel, read for a little while and eventually nodded off to sleep.

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