Thursday – Day 283

Posted on 13th May 2013

Thursday was an exciting day! Outing time! My family plans for the weekend had unfortunately been cancelled due to Glee commitments however, my trip to NYC to hopefully see them briefly and to say goodbye to other people was still on track.

I woke up exhausted ready to go at nine AM. Hung around waiting for Ariella to get back with the car and then went to Saxby’s for a brief breakfast before heading out on the road. The first while of the trip was a somewhat stressed car, with Ariella at the wheel and Louis backseat safety officer. This caused a little tension, and in my sleep deprived state I lacked the emotional will to deal with it. However soon enough we arrived at Aviva’s place in the suburbs for a brief lunch stop (home made pizza).

Once we picked her up the ride was much more enjoyable. Aviva lightened the mood a fair bit and I went to sleep on a fluffy blue pillow. I awoke as we were pulling in to a parking lot, just outside Manhattan, in order to catch a bus to the Port Authority. Less than twenty minutes later we arrived at 42nd and 7th, right in the heart of the city. Louis was particularly excited as this was his first time every visiting NYC.

The next few hours Ariella and I spent in line at TKTS trying to obtain show tickets to one of the on-broadway musicals, particularly for the benefit of Louis. Louis and Aviva explored Times Square while Ariella and I waited in line for tickets. Everyone had stated their maximum price and unfortunately when Ariella and I arrived at the box office the shows were above our price. Thankfully a little magic happened and we came away with five tickets to “Nice Work, If You Can Get It” with Matthew Broderick. Just as we were purchasing the tickets Yoni —— showed up. I wasn’t quite sure what he was doing there, couldn’t figure out his motive, but was glad to see him nonetheless.

We then all headed to find dinner, getting lost on the way thanks to Ariella’s superior sense of direction. Louis and I then bugged her to call her mum to come meet us as we were only a few blocks away from her work. Though it was getting very close to show-time, we all soon sat down at ‘Kosher Delight’, a few blocks away from the theatre and enjoyed dinner together. It soon came out that Yoni’s dad worked with Ariella’s stepdad and that their parents in fact knew each other, which, was quite a shock to them both!

After that we saw the show from our great seats and all thoroughly enjoyed it. The music was wonderful and though the plot had more holes than the world’s largest golf course, it was lighthearted and funny.

Following the show, we said goodbye to Yoni and then got back on the bus and then drove home. I fell asleep on the bus back, completely exhausted but luckily Ariella was wide awake at the wheel. I was soon back in my bed at Hamco, reading to prep myself for a new day.

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