Wednesday/Thursday – Day 254/255

Posted on 16th April 2013

Wednesday I woke up even worse for the weather. My body was telling me it was time to get more sleep. I slept in a little and then at 10AM headed down to the Moore labs to work with Charu Jangid on some homework due later that day. She showed up pretty late as always but this time I had been expecting it and so wasn’t too unprepared.

Once the work was done we headed to class but soon realized that given that the TAs were lecturing, we weren’t going to gain much out of being there, so we headed out for lunch together. As we arrived at the counter of the chocolate artisserie, Charu realized that her wallet was missing and sped off to find it, leaving me alone with two hot chocolates.

By the time she got back (without her stolen wallet), it was time for my security class. Again, nothing special today but the professor mentioned that he wanted to speak to me again soon. I wondered about what but thought it would definitely be wise to go ahead.

Following that, I had a little time to get a little sleep, texting Joseph to let him know I was too sick for the first bit of rehearsal. At 5:30 I woke up for a quick dinner at Hillel before a Time to Shine Rehearsal. That was disastrous for me as it required me to exert my voie and certainly didn’t make me feel any better. Pretty much as soon as it was up I headed to bed, my work left stagnant on the table.

Thursday I wasn’t feeling much better and a little disappointed that I was sick at this time. Spring Fling, the most important student party of the year, was just around the corner and I wasn’t up to attending. The OCP was hosting a fantastic dinner and I was worried that I wouldn’t even be able to make that.

Most of the day passed in a blur, Physics in the morning, plenty of work in the afternoon, and another nap. I was intent on. Additionally Thursday afternoon we held another TA meeting in which plenty of work was divvied out. I got back to my room and set to work until a message from JHo arrived inviting me to go see Avenue Q with him. I gladly agreed to go and had a wonderful evening enjoying Vanessa Lam as Christmas Eve and Anya Lichtenstien as Kate Monster (the best performer of the evening).

After that it was back to bed in an attempt to recover on time for the weekend.

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