Sunday – Day 251

Posted on 14th April 2013

Sunday morning was another treat. We woke up at a decent hour, despite the antics of the night before. Kirk and Dan Carsello decided they would head off to Dim Sum with the Glee Club, despite having little idea what ‘Dim Sum’ was. I told them they’d likely enjoy it, despite Dan’s many allergies.

This left me in the house with Dan Pincus and Ilja¬†Sichrovsky, a close friend and house guest of his, visiting from Austria. Ilja was somewhat opposed to Dan’s busy lifestyle, and was constantly urging him to take a proper break, like a proper European!

Dan opened the blinds, the sun streamed in and shortly after that, so too through his door streamed a flock of people.  With that, Dan and Kirk decided that it was time for them to leave and that was the last of them I saw that weekend.

The two latest guests to the house were Mustafa Qureshi of Pakistan and another international student friend of Dan’s; Stephanie. Together we prepared a delicious brunch, comprised of a wide range of both European and American foods. Ilja was not impressed at Dan’s coffee making skills however, and made it clear with a look of sheer disgust on his face after trying it.

Ilja and Mustafa

Ilja and Mustafa

What was most exciting about this brunch however, was the conversation. The attendees were clearly of high intellect and vigorously debated issues of international importance, ranging from US foreign policy, to the merits of various political philosophies.

Following the lovely drawn out lunch, I was due to see the production of Jersey boys on Broadway. Dan said he was heading down to see a show right next door at 3PM when the two of them started, and as such said he’d accompany me down. From my impressions of Dan thus far, I felt it probably wouldn’t be the wisest idea to accept, however might be the more adventurous option. I decided to go with it and waited around working on a few little things until 2:40 when Dan finally decided the was ready.

I was already a little nervous about making it in time but Dan was very reassuring. As we stepped outside he took one look at the traffic and decided that a cab would be too slow, so he started off towards the subway. Remembering that the closest line was under construction, his pace suddenly quickened. We arrived at the subway just in time to see our train depart. This threw Dan just a little but he was soon back in his stride letting me know that by his current calculations, I would make it there at about 2:59.

The subway moved achingly slow, and Dan was visibly frustrated. It was edging close to 3PM. As the doors opened at our station, Dan raced out in front of me, madly dashing towards the exit turnstiles. I lagged a little behind him and then rudely dashed in front of a New Yorker who yelled about tourists as I overtook her, to avoid getting lost without my guide.

We sprinted down the street and at 2:59 exactly, I made it to the theatre waving goodbye to Dan as he dashed in the opposite direction.

I managed to get to my seat just as the lights were dimming and found myself in a theatre full of Glee Clubbers. Scott Ventre, though he had seen the show a few times before was rocking out like crazy in the row below me and some rowdy grandmothers were doing the same just over to my left.

Jersey Boys


Following the show we speed walked to the Megabus bay to catch our bus back to Philly. Upon arrival we were informed that the bus was going to be over an hour late. Coupled with this news were a few raindrops that were followed by more of a torrent. We huddled cold and hungry under our coats, waiting to get back to Penn.

Wet Steph


Finally, we arrived back, too late to do anything productive, so I unpacked my bags and made sure to get some sleep.

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