Wednesday/Thursday – Day 233/234

Posted on 25th March 2013

Wednesday was the usual mix again, nothing exciting. An hour or so on the piano here, a lecture there.

Rehearsal as per usual in the evening, nothing particularly notable here.

Thursday saw the cancellation of physics, due to an overseas professor and a failure of the video projection system. Lunch was a good chat with Robbie Glynn, during which a poorer individual from West Philly stopped by our conversation on tech and garnered assistance from us in figuring out how to use his new calculator.. That was most certainly a unique experience. Spent another hour and a half in Sweeten Alumni House playing on their beautiful Boston Grand Piano. Unfortunately I didn’t bring enough music with me and was relegated to those I knew best (plus a little jazz improvisation).

Lunch at Hillel, a few more long conversations, then back to my room to watch the video lecture for Physics. Then I tried looking at the homework attached to the class and almost gave up on the spot. Intensely difficult problems with little connection to the lecture material. This was going to take some serious hard work.

In the evening I was planning on going to see Patience as presented by The Penn Singers, however unfortunately, my TAing got in the way. I was holding extra office hours for the first milestone submission of their project and got quite caught up helping the numbers of students who were still working on it late the night it was due. Ended up hanging around till midnight and then walking back with a few students.

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