Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – Days 218/219/220

Posted on 10th March 2013

Well, I wish I could’ve promised something a little more exciting, but here it is raw and ready, a firsthand (and brief) account of how I worked myself into the ground. I decided that given that I hadn’t heard from most of the other TAs I would continue working on the project until it was done. Unfortunately, as this was meant to be a large scale group effort, this meant that I toiled for hour on end, eventually getting stuck on coding up an efficient but simple algorithm for calculating ‘betweeness centrality’ in a social graph (ie; who is the most central of your friends). Wednesday I switched paths and worked a little on a few other projects but slept in late, nothing more to see here, just a working boy. Thursday the same, other than a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed “As Good As It Gets” about a misanthropic neighbour, turned soulful by a gay artist, a waitress and a dog. Though it may not have been the most complex film of all time, it tugged at the heartstrings and helped to provide at least a little stress relief. The film was enjoyed with Michal Elias-Bachrach, Amalya Lehman and Sarah Morrissey, a few girl who had stayed behind for the break.

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