Sunday/Monday – Day 237/238

Posted on 29th March 2013

Things didn’t stop going well over the next few days. Some of my best times at Penn. Sunday was a full day of work. After I woke up that is. Coding till so late the night before, didn’t exactly give rise to a full day of awakedness. Bits of group project work and lots and lots of physics. I didn’t realize that much of the physics on the assignment we hadn’t actually covered yet and so I spent hours trying to figure out what was going on, with much futility.

Had a new ‘chevruta’ (learning partner) in the evening with Shlomo Klapper, that was most fulfilling. Thankfully too, it came with dinner and bagels, the last chametz of the week!

After that I headed to Kiwi with Yoni Weider and Ariella and we had a good chat over some real US style frozen yogurt!

I didn’t sleep much that night, had another minor argument with someone and it just kept replaying in my head. I’m not a fan of conflict.

The next morning I was up early for minyan, siyum and biur chametz (prayers, meal and public burning of bread), in preparation for Pesach (passover). There was a small crowd there but everyone got very into it all. Had a short day, with a midterm that went excellently despite little to no study for it. I then packed by bags, walked with Aviva through the rain to drop off her homework and ran to the car where her dad was waiting for us to take us to her place.

The details of what happened next I’ll leave to further posts, but needless to say my next few hours were exciting.

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