Shabbat/Sunday – Day 229/230

Posted on 21st March 2013

Regular late wakeup today, then a less than thrilling lunch. Guess I needed some time after such an exciting past few days to settle myself. However, the late afternoon and evening held a little more thrill in it as this evening marked our joint concert with the Harvard Glee Club! We rehearsed for a few hours, first together and then separately (meanwhile I was starving having missed my meal opportunity at Hillel) and then it was time for our gig. The crowd size wasn’t all that impressive, however given the Harvard Glee Club’s strictly classical repertoire, the appeal of the show was less broad. A highlight of  this particular performance was our rendition of Biebl’s ‘Ave Maria’, which ended in a strong and resounding major chord, that rung through the Hall of Flags, despite the less than stellar acoustics of the venue.

Tie and TailsThe Harvard Glee Club had neglected to bring less formal attire, and so we dressed up in our ties and tails to match them.

Sunday was quieter again, but a full day of work. Much fuller than I would’ve liked and as a result I needed to schedule for myself every hour. I didn’t manage to keep to the schedule entirely (the physics fell by the wayside), despite my meticulous planning. Too many CIS121 crises.


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