Thursday/Friday – Day 191/192

Posted on 11th February 2013

Today was the last physics lecture before our first midterm. Terrifying. After lunch I tried to study, I really did, but sleep overtook me and I ended up taking a four hour nap, waking only at around 6PM at which point I headed over to Hillel for dinner. Thankfully, now I was a bit better rested and this made me more productive later in the evening.

I had a brief team meeting with Charu to discuss our networking homework (which I had already completed most of) and then set to work finishing up a few little things with it.

Friday was spent working on revision for my midterms, both physics and security, and catching up a little more on all the missed sleep. In the afternoon we had our staff meeting, which went relatively well though there were definitely a few rocky moments. Teaching in an academic environment is harder than I thought. Though I’m used to teaching in an informal setting, the requriement of communicating more content places restrictions around the use of more creative educational media. TA training was fun-ish but mainly useless as always and I had to run out a little early. Friday night I led services (ma’ariv) at Shira Chadasha and it felt good to get back in the rhythm a little. It went fairly well, but I needed a bit more beef on me to prevent it from being too draining. Afterwards, the usual dinner with Ariella, Aviva and Michal made it a lovely evening, and when I finally got back to my room I was well ready for sleep.

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