Monday – Day 188

Posted on 5th February 2013

Today was up early again for physics, I seem to be handling it a little better thus far but the timing of the homework clashes really badly with my timetable. Monday’s is when we have the recitations in which we can get help on the homework before Tuesday, so I diligently attend. However, following 9AM I have no breaks till 11PM at which point I have to write up the entire weeks work before sleep!

Other matters that arose today were paying my rent for the first time, dealing with the bank (not really a super fun experience) however, Steve, the manager at my local branch of the PNC bank was really helpful as he always is and helped me to get my issues sorted. A quick lunch at Hillel and then an hour and a half long briefing on the next project due for networking. Security at the moment is really just repeating all of networking and adding a few details here and there otherwise, so it’s not super enjoyable.

Rehearsals tonight were both good but I have way too much work and Steph and I ended up cancelling our weekly chat. Next week isn’t looking great for it either with Glee Club Hell Week for our Spring Show which opens next Thursday.

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