Thursday – Day 170

Posted on 23rd January 2013

Thursday I managed to stay attentive during physics despite the lack of sleep, but was busy almost the entire afternoon with homework of various sorts. However, Thursday also marked the lead up to PennApps over the coming weekend where thanks to the day off on Monday, I would spend approximately 48 hours coding non stop. PennApps is a student ‘hackathon’, a competition in which you have a set amount of time to build something technological from scratch. PennApp is also the largest college hackathon in the world with over 500 attendees semesterly! Part of the day was spent  searching for team members and figuring out ideas. Eventually I ended up with the usual crew, Rigel and Nikki, with whom I was most excited to work with.

In the evening I attended a talk by Facebook on getting started using their developer tools to make apps and caught up with Rigel for a brief talk regarding how our team would run. Following that I went for a delicious dinner with around thirteen exchange students and though we had to wait a while for our table, the spicy szechuan food was excellent (I had some very yummy spicy fish!).

The rest of my night was spent preparing all my homework and the homework for CIS121 before the weekend, as I knew there would be a mountain of stuff to get done. Up again till the wee hours of the morning, I was a bit behind but I was motivated to keep going in order to leave myself time over the long weekend.

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