Sunday/Monday – 166/167

Posted on 15th January 2013

Sunday was another day of attempted recovery. Thankfully I was slowly getting better. I wrote a bit of a lesson plan for my lab the next day. Tried getting some more work done but I was sadly very unsuccessful. The afternoon brought dance rehearsal and unfortunately I was excluded from the vast majority of it due to my small role in the show. Sat on the sidelines most of the time. For dinner I got sushi by myself which, was most relaxing and something I appreciate doing as it gives me a little time out! Afterwards I baked cookies for my lab the next day and invited Charlie to come try them out. Success!

Monday (finally back up to date), I was consistently happy. I’m not 100% sure why the day was quite so incredible, but I was happy throughout. My lab went really well, classes were fine (though I almost well asleep in one) and dinner and glee rehearsal suited my tastes. I sung the first movement of the Brahms requiem (beautiful as expected) and got a hot chocolate with Steph Li. All in all a wonderful day.

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