Shabbat/Sunday – Day 135/136

Posted on 13th December 2012

Shabbat was another day of sleep mixed in with Glee gigs, including the Winter Holiday Concert featuring such numbers as O Magnum Mysterium, a Christian religion piece, and Maoz Tzur, a traditional Chanukah piece. Unfortunately, whilst it was all recorded, the videos aren’t available to the public and thus I can’t post them here! Motzei Shabbat after the concert I started working for what was bound to be a super stressful week. Exams and my two final projects!

Sunday was spent almost entirely on my Ruby on Rails project which is now almost ready to go live. The basic idea is that people at Penn aren’t always so open to meeting new people and so my website is designed to encourage interaction. It does so through a simple interface by which people sign up for coffee dates with each other using their UPenn email and when to meet.

The evening however was something that I had been looking forward to for a great period of time; the Glee Penn/Dance semi formal. My date was the lovely Stephanie Li of choral society fame and though I had to wait a little past time for her to prepare herself, it was certainly worth the extra few minutes as she and I had such an enjoyable time that evening. First was dinner with the newmen and some of the sophomore’s. It was a BYO which left a certain PGC member unable to behave responsibly and so Steph, I and his date set to helping him out.


Steph and I

Steph and I

Following that PGC and PD had booked a bar for the rest of the evening and for once, I felt really comfortable in a social situation, given that I was close friends with the vast majority of people there. Steph I believe had an excellent time too, and when it finished at around 1AM I was somewhat disappointed, despite knowing I needed the sleep before my exams week!

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