Tuesday/Wednesday – Day 110/111

Posted on 19th November 2012

But first a note I missed from Monday! Following the interview I had a rehearsal that slipped my mind, for the University Choral society. Following the end of rehearsal I ran to catch up with a friendly face I remembered from the very first week of semester, a Ms. Stephanie Jane Li of Alberta, Canada! We walked back from choir together and made plans to go out for coffee in the near future as one too many of our interests aligned.

Things just keep ramping up and up and up! Today I found little time to breathe and eat amongst the piles of equations and lines of code littering my life. I was so hard at work today that I didn’t even leave my room for classes, catching up on them through textbooks and friends. Rehearsal from nine to twelve didn’t help much either. However, I did take a little break to eat dinner with a somewhat distraught Molly who’d been having a bit of a rough time. On my return from dinner I was met with a lovely surprise in the Rodin Lobby as, gathered there were a few members of the Philly Orchestra, performing for students and a few staff members. I admit, I did lose a little homework time by sitting down to catch a performance of a Dvorak piece for string quartet. Then it was back to the room to work until my eyes drooped and I fell asleep at my desk.

Wednesday was a little bit of a nightmare, I spent pretty much the entire day working on the kernel. After Glee Club Rehearsal, at 10PM, it was clear we weren’t going to finish in time for the milestone tomorrow. Thus, Charu and I headed down to the engineering quadrangle to work into the wee hours of the morning. After ten hours of straight coding, it finally compiled and ran properly, and I was so surprised I almost didn’t believe it. By this point it was 5AM and I almost collapsed where I was, however, I somehow managed to stumble back to my room and fell asleep almost immediately.

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