Sunday – Day 101

Posted on 13th November 2012

I fear today’s post isn’t nearly as exciting as yesterdays, but I can’t expect to have a show everyday. However, I seem to have at least one per week. This week’s being Legally Blonde the musical, presented by Penn Singers, the premier light opera company on campus, with a standing cast of which I am part of.

Today marked load in for the show and I arrived at the PAC Show (Performing Arts Committee Workshop) to help load things into the truck to take to the theatre. Unfortunately for me, this is the least enjoyable part of amateur theater! At midday I was excused from my duties temporarily to clean up last nights party venue, the ‘Glouse’ (Glee house) aka. J.Ho and Scott Ventre’s (of the Glee Club) rented off campus accommodation. This was fast and delicious with food provided for all the newmen who showed up.

The afternoon was all set building and really a waste of my time as I sat in the corner un-needed, doing my work.

There was a one hour dinner break that I spent at Hillel and, following that it was back to the theatre for a sitzprobe (sing through of the show with the band) before finishing up finally at 11PM for a production meeting that ran till midnight. All in all 14hrs of rehearsal. Not as much fun as Saturday.

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