Saturday – Day 78

Posted on 16th October 2012

Today can be described very simply. Sleep. I need it fairly badly by this point and sleep I did. After waking up late at around 11AM I read the autobiography of the previous conductor of PGC, Bruce Montgomery’s “Brother’s Sing On” and then headed to Hillel for lunch.

There I met Aviva’s parents and had a lovely conversation with her father over lunch before returning to my room to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.

After Shabbat came out I quickly set to work preparing for my midterm, an interview, and lots of other assorted homework.

At 10PM I decided I had worked hard enough and went upstairs to the Rodin Rooftop Lounge to watch The Avengers with about one hundred others from the college house!

As soon as the movie finished I headed back to my bed and promptly fell asleep.

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