Friday – Day 84

Posted on 22nd October 2012

Friday morning I woke up not so wonderfully, but the weather was too nice and the workload too light for the day not to be wonderful. I made it through my classes in the day and had another helpful singing lesson! Rehearsal for Legally Blonde was cancelled in the afternoon, providing me with more free time to go do some pre-Shabbat shopping and just enjoy myself a little.

Shul was at chabad with a tiny minyan, turns out the entire OCP (orthodox community at penn) had left for fall break, which started today! Thus, I had not planned for food on Friday night, expecting to eat at Hillel which, unfortunately was closed. Thankfully Alyse, a Drexel student, opened up her home to me and I ate dinner with Arianna, Alexis and Zack, some of my favorite people at Penn. After a lovely dinner and a good walk with them it was time for a good, long, sleep.

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