Yom Kippur – Day 62

Posted on 28th September 2012

Today I woke up feeling a little worse for the wear, and made it to shul (synagogue) at roughly 10AM, well after the 8:30 start. As could be expected, the majority of the day was spent in prayer, and much to my disappointment most of the tunes were different from those that I had previously heard, forcing me to learn new ones quickly.

In the afternoon I had a brief meeting with Joel Wittwer, the USA Exchange Adviser from the University of Melbourne, who was visiting for a few hours, in order to a) plan my future studies at Penn and b) help encourage Penn students to attend the University of Melbourne on exchange. Aviva Kolosky came with me, and by the time the session finished, we were both so tired that we decided to go for a short walk before returning to mincha/neilah.

Breaking the fast after shule was so so, with the food at the Hillel for once not being so excellent. Thus, afterwards, I made a little sandwich in my room and worked for a few hours before falling exhausted to sleep again.

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