Sunday – Day 45

Posted on 6th September 2012

Today was more logistics to work out and the like, not very fascinating.

Until about 5PM at which time I headed down with Anil to Franklin Field for the class of 2016 photo. After grabbing my tshirt and getting onto the field for the photo it was time for a buffet (with kosher dining options too!) I sat down to watch a womens hockey game with a few Jews and the exchange students and overall enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Following that it was a quick trip back to my room before the “Comedy Night” at Irvine Auditorium where two apparently famous comedians gave us a good two hours of entertainment (after a half hour wait watching fail videos on youtube).

Dessert was pancakes at Hillel with all the Jews where I met a few into tech and made some good connections. After this, I quickly collapsed into bed, with NSO taking its toll.

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