Friday/Shabbat – 148/149

December 25, 2012

Friday I took it pretty easy, deciding that this was time for me to take my well deserved holiday. Montreal being in a French province (Quebec) actually had excellent food. Thus Leo and I went out to the supermarket today so that we would have ingredients to use in preparing lunch and Shabbat dinner. As Leo is vegetarian/vegan the selection was very eco-friendly and lunch was Tofurky baguette with Brie and assorted veggies (including plenty of avocado). Dinner was prepared pasta with a yummy Tomato sauce.

Other than that both days were spent chilling and reading as the snow pounded outside and made it hard to leave the house.Pizza was ordered in Motzei Shabbat and I read most of a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. Pretty decent.

Also, Montreal is freezing. -15 degrees!

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