Tuesday/Wednesday – Day 182/183

February 1, 2013

The next two days were most notable for the lack of sleep I received for the duration of the period. In this case it was my security homework keeping me up. Tuesday I woke early to write up my physics homework which unfortunately left me exhausted and falling asleep during the lecture that morning. Not good. The afternoon had me taking a nap and then preparing my homework for the next day in security and trying to get a start on the work due the week after. I made very little progress. Hillel ended up sucking away a fair bit of time as well and finally it was rehearsal time again, nine to midnight. I didn’t get to bed till around four AM.

Wednesday was a bit of a disaster too, given the little sleep, however I made more progress on work, even completing the security assignment for the following week. Though this was after much delirium and za’atar wedges. The day was unremarkable, practically fell asleep in my lectures, not stimulating stuff. Just networking protocols. Rehearsal in the evening was decent. A piece we’re singing that I absolutely adore is ‘The Choir Invisible” by Ron Harris (as here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ELK2Bg4XaQ) and I’m looking forward to putting up a recording of us eventually. Another highlight of today was the arrival of my tap shoes! For those reading this from Penn I can’t help but urge you to come see the spring show so that I may have an audience for my *cough* excellent *cough* dancing.

Sick sick sick…

December 3, 2012

You’ve probably noticed the lack of posts recently, this is due to two major factors, lack of sleep and illness. I expect to get back to writing ASAP when I feel better.


— Shaanan


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