Monday – Day 87

October 24, 2012

Today’s link is slightly scatalogical but is well worth reading for those who have ever wondered what happens when you flush a toilet from an airplane.

Monday wasn’t the most exciting of days, woke up really late and felt well rested for the first time in a while. My coughing has almost stopped and this has brightened my overall mood.

I’ve also been taking the free time as a chance to catch up on a good amount of work, particularly in the Ruby class and so much of my time today was spent on that and the Physics. After a few hours of work and a lunch and interview with Zack Costa.

I made it to Professor Mele’s office before the day was through and spent a while going through the problems with which I had been having trouble, that helped me out a lot.

The evening I played SupCom 2 for a while (giving myself a little break) and some piano before heading out with JHo and Paul (also from PGC) to go see Looper, staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. My overall impression of the movie was that it was fun with fantastic concepts and design, however there were a number of glaring plot holes and at time it felt like it was overdoing the artsy thing in order to prop up its ‘real movie’ credentials. 7.5/10.

The rest of the evening was spent again with PGC members, watching the presidential debate in which Vanessa (our Canadian stage manager) and I complained about the focus on American exceptionalism in discussions of foreign policy. After a hug goodnight and a few more chips, it was off to sleep again for another day.

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