A Few Links

October 18, 2012

So today as I am still not feeling well and wished to post something that would have taken me less effort I leave you today with my favourite articles from the last day.

First up is ‘Telling Israel Like It Is – In Arabic‘, the story of an Arab Israeli woman who flies around the world giving a more factual presentation on what Israel is like for an Arab citizen as opposed to the junk that spews out of Israel Apartheid week and other similar events.

“Israel is my country, my home. Why would I leave to Jordan or Egypt? This is where my roots are. Here my grandfather and grandmother were born, all my family is here. This is my home,” – Boshra Khalaila


Next up is a fascinating piece on Apple’s design philosophy and the problems and advantages that go with it. The Real Meaning and Future of Apple’s Mantra: Designed in California breaks down the inspiration and process behind Apple hardware, software and retail, giving one a real insight behind to what lies behind their closed doors.


Perhaps the most revolutionary product Apple has ever designed is its retail store environment. Most retail design is about artifice, scenery design as a backdrop for products that try and sell you an idea, Apple retail design is about authenticity and customer service.


and I’ll leave it at that for today.


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