Arriving in Philly

August 28, 2014

The next day, I returned to the airport, sans baggage (which unfortunately had been sent through directly) and relaxed in the terminal until my flight. I slept right through my final leg, and awoke in hot, sunny Philadelphia. Finding my baggage proved to be a more difficult task as expected, due to the fact that my larger bag wedged itself in the retrieval system, delaying everyone and bringing the entire system to a halt. About thirty minutes later, after considerable back and forth, I finally arrived on campus.

Shlepping my bags over to the check-in tent in the center of high rise field, I must have appeared quite a sight to the volunteer staff. The check-in itself was relatively painless and soon I and all my bags were in my room. However I didn’t have time to rest on my laurels as I still needed an ID card, some groceries and most importantly, some bedding. Unfortunately the ID center was closed, but I managed to find some bedding, albeit ill fitting and a pillow for myself.

Barely was I done with all that before I was summoned to rehearsal by the Penn Glee Club. New student orientation events were taking place and we were to be providing entertainment for the bulk of them. In rehearsal I realized I was not quite as confident in the music as I needed to be, even the regular repertoire. I resolved to catch up on it within the next few days.

Finally, returning at about 11PM to my room I let myself fall asleep. However it was not to last long.

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