Wednesday/Thursday/Friday – Days 204/205/206

February 26, 2013

Wednesday was another chance to catch up on a little sleep. I arose from slumber at a good ten-thirty, got reading for the morning and promptly fell asleep on my desk chair. Not much of a success. A nap during Networking helped a little and before I knew it I was back in rehearsal.

I am so glad to be back in regular rehearsal, with our regular¬†repertoire¬† As much as the spring show was quite the spectacular to behold, the music wasn’t quite to my taste. Unfortunately though, it seems much of my old favorites have quite left my head! Ah well, time to crunch down and relearn the good tunes.

From there it was another all nighter to write some more code! Hooray.

Thursday. Physics. Team meeting. Tired. Running out of steam. Need Shabbat. Played Piano. Fell Asleep.

Friday was a grading party. Due to the completion of the CIS-121 midterm by our students, we now had 106 papers to mark (Australian for ‘grade’). This meant from 10:30AM to 3PM I was sitting in a room with the other TAs pouring over paper after paper, marking question after question and dearly hoping that my recitation did well (they did!). One brief intermission was a quick visit to the careers fair to talk to a certain employer with whom I am interviewing in the near future. I’m quite excited as I’ve had a little more practice at phone coding interviews and am now a little more confident. Hopefully it all goes well.

After grading was our regular staff meeting (not so much fun) and our TA training session (not so exciting). Though, through the TA training I have made a few friends from the CIS TA body, in particular Amalia Hawkins and Harmony Li, both lovely lower level CIS TAs (the classes, not their skills).

Friday night I was back at Shira Chadasha which wasn’t as musical as usual but still not bad and then to dinner through Hillel ‘mix-em-ups’. My table was a little uninspired but it was still nice and afterwards I spent the requisite hours with Aviva, Ariella, Michal and co.

Finally my week was over and I could head to bed for sweet repose.

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