Wednesday/Thursday – Day 275/276

May 8, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday I spent the whole time enjoying myself. I wasn’t too worried about the security exam and definitely was not about to start studying so far in advance. These days I spent mostly in the company of people from Hillel, particularly Ariella and Louis. As the end approached, I became more and more aware of the importance of spending time with those I cared about.

Amongst other things, I spent time walking and talking with Hannah Dardashti which was very welcome given that she was one of the people I was most disappointed at having spent less time with. She’s a soft spoken girl from the suburbs nearby, who is known for thinking very deeply on all manner of things.

Yoni Wieder, another OCPer was also featured heavily in the weeks events. He wasn’t particularly talented at avoiding distractions in my form and hence was a joy to be around.

Thursday night, I made dinner for Madeleine Brown, Ariella Levine, Hannah Dardashti and Jacob Lincoff. Macaroni Cheese! Mum’s recipe with a crispy corn-flake crumb top. I was so worried about it going wrong as I had never made it before and additionally it was my first time making a white sauce. Thankfully, despite a number of errors on my part, it came out deliciously and I was well satiated for that meal.

Another late night chatting, Skyfall on my laptop, and then sleep.


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