Friday – Day 242

March 31, 2013

Passover has made my posting a little sporadic in the past few days, but I’ll do my best to keep it up. Friday I got up late, worked in my room for a while and then headed to Hillel for a good few hours to eat as large a lunch as I could manage. It didn’t keep me very full, as I kept eyeing food all afternoon.

After that I went to my office, coded for a bit, sat thinking for a little. Research is difficult. At 3PM I headed to my TA meeting, where Val Tannen decided to announce my news to all the TAs, embarrassing me greatly, though I had to give him a little leeway given his status as my referee. TA training was mostly unexciting, however I did compose a neat little one liner (plus variable instantiation outside the function) for recursive calculation of fibbonacci numbers with memorization. Hooray for ternary statements!

Made it to shul on time tonight and had a pleasant dinner with the usual crew. After dinner the Shabbatones and the Penn Bloomers were performing. The Bloomers were surprisingly excellent, and their skits as an all female musical comedy troupe were actually funny enough to laugh out loud!

After the performances, I chilled with Ariella, Hannah Dardashti Madeline Brown and Alexis Block for a number of hours, telling stories from my travels! Made it to bed well past midnight.

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