Wednesday/Thursday – Day 22/23

August 12, 2012

Wednesday was a poor night of sleep on a floor and more study. Out with friends in the evening.

Thursday was a good deal more exciting with a visit to Reut and the home of my dear friend Or Ben-Hail. His mum is both a professional caterer and a medical practitioner and is an incredibly welcoming person. Upon arriving at his place I immediately felt like I was at home. Leftover sushi was set out for us, however, I feel leftovers is a poor description of the delicious spread that was before us, presented in a delightful manner. This all paled however, in comparison to the simple but delicious dessert as pictured below.

Following that Or drove us to the local shopping center to play pool and white the track and field finals, including the anticipated 200m Men’s Final. Sarah came too and proceeded to mop the floor with us, to her great surprise and pride.

Following that it was a good night’s sleep on a comfy mattress on the floor.

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