Shabbat/Sunday – Day 264/265

April 26, 2013

I slept in pretty late the next day, needing a way to recover from the big night before! Lunch was at Hillel with Sarah, and we chatted in the Rodin lounge for a few hours before going to see my friends from Glee Club and Penn Dance in from their production of Macbeth.

Following that I had only a short while to get changed into a proper suit for the University Choral Society’s performance of Brahm’s Requiem. As a result of having learnt the music well, I was able to more completely enjoy the performance and really threw myself into it. The result as per the recordings later released was pretty glorious.

Sunday was incredibly busy. First thing in the morning it was off to a Glee Gig. A few of the guys and I walked for forty five minutes to get to the historic Pennsylvania Penitentiary where we performed a small set for the benefit of the preservation foundation. After returning home, Sarah spent most of her time with Julia whilst I prepared my final project for security, my final physics problem set and, attempted to study for my Networks midterm the next day.

Spring Break – Shabbat/Sunday/Monday – Day 215/216/217

March 7, 2013

To my dismay Spring Break hasn’t exactly worked out to be the party I thought it might be. I had grand plans, to travel to Florida or Canada or DC or at worst NYC and Boston, however reality sought to intervene. As manager of the final project for CIS-121 I had the responsibility to ensure a project, complete with specifications, documentation, sample code and tests was available and ready for activation by the first Monday following break. This meant that for the first few days of break, my mind was still completely focused on the work ahead. Shabbat was reading through algorithms textbooks and papers, looking for suitable material. The night was writing a plan. Sunday was mostly coding, sleep, eating and more coding and, unfortunately Monday was much the same.

However, one upside of all of this is I’m free to set my own schedule and additionally, I have been taking breaks for nice meals and catching up occasionally with friends for a few hours. I watched a film ‘Date Night’ with some of the guys from Glee, went to a wine and cheese evening with the same, and, also saved a little time for myself to play piano.

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