Switzerland to Israel – Day 6

July 27, 2012

Today I unfortunately had to say goodbye to Switzerland and the Empting family, to whom I give my greatest thanks.

I truly had a wonderful time. I arrived at the airport far two early, and so with two hours to kill, bought an unnamed magazine, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Once I boarded the plane and found my seat, 29G I realized what I good choice I had made at check in. I had the emergency seat with no passenger next to me and so could stretch out my legs the full way! As everyone else boarded, the flight attendant stood next to me in the extra space and we had a most enjoyable conversation. He was a french national working for swiss airlines and could speak a whopping seven languages fluently. Thus, each time he passed to offer food or drink we attempted to play out our interactions in a different language. On another note the plane food was actually delicious, though no photos this time.

Landing in Israel I immediately felt at home. Walking through the terminals and even going through passport control felt entirely natural. I soon caught a sherut (large public taxi) to Jerusalem from the airport, on which I helped an American ex-birthright girl find her way around.

Once I dropped my belongings off at my cousins, I took off to Beit Yehuda, where my brother and, close friend Sarah Silverberg, were staying. Unfortunately though I had not informed him when I would be arriving, my brother Adi was hardly surprised to see me. With an exam the following day on medical words in hebrew, I left them relatively early only to have to wait for forty minutes for the bus back home to arrive. A late night, soon to be followed by a reasonably early morning.


Favorite Food: Raclette & Chocolate Gipfle
Favorite Language: French
Best Attraction: Luzerne
Best New Friend: Lena & Joi
Best Feature: Natural Beauty

Ranking: ☆☆☆☆☆

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