Monday/Tuesday – Day 56/57

September 21, 2012

Monday was a fairly standard ‘Yom-Tov’ (festival, literally ‘good day’). The morning was spent in service in Sarah’s family shule (synagogue) and I was privileged enough to be given a big honor in the service, I was called to the Torah first out of everyone!

Lunch was again, quieter, with just me, a friend of Zack’s, and the rest of the family. However, this was all in preparation for another huge dinner! That night Robin was hosting Steven’s side of the family, very different characters from hers. Of note was Uncle Terry (Trevor? I’m not sure the name is correct.) who was unmarried and earning well, spending his gains on travelling around the world. He told me of his trips around Eastern Europe and even mentioned his upcoming travels to Iran!

Though dinner went late, Sarah and I stayed up again as we knew that we wouldn’t be seeing too much of each other however, eventually we needed to retire.

The next morning was much the same as the previous, just this time I had become more accustomed to the practices and musical tunes of Sarah’s synagogue, which improved the experience.

Finally we had a quiet meal! Just me and the family eating some leftovers; delicious! The afternoon Sarah and I just chilled, knowing we didn’t have too long left. Soon it was time to pack my bags, take a photo of Sarah and I, then back to thus bus station.


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