Saturday/Shabbat – Day 100

November 13, 2012

I have now been away from home one hundred days. It’s a big number and home has never seemed further away.

The morning was all rehearsal for our matinee show, with a call at 10AM to get into costume. Today’s show was fantastic despite a less than packed audience, they were almost as lively as we were, with a number of alumni and Penn students coming out to support us.


Of note in our performances were guest showings from the Penn Glee Club Band, now it’s own separate entity. Teddy, above and below, is the lead singer for most of their numbers. Also see the scene below with some of my token Australian lines and a brief appearance by Jon Diamond (apparently he looks like Jack from Will and Grace).

The afternoon only left us one hour free before another Glee event, the GCGC (Glee Club Graduate Glub) formal reception. This was open again, to the many glee alumni who had come to see our show and, their families. In this reception rosettes (badges for the blazer) were presented to three individuals who had served the Glee Club for many years and in various means. Thomas amongst them (his parents were very proud). In addition we sung a few number in full force, current members and alumni together and this in my opinion, was the best I’ve ever heard the chorus.

Our evening performance was completely sold out! It was also incredibly high energy and gave us all the greatest feeling on it’s completion.


Some of our big numbers included a modern setting of the Dies Irae text from the Requiem. This is a new favorite of the members.

However my personal favorite number was an Aaron Dale (of OC Times arranging fame) arrangement of Go The Distance from Disney’s Hercules. A beautiful upbeat barbershop song with an incredible tag.

My personal moment to shine was in Baba Yetu, seen in the second half of the below video. And though I’m out of frame, I am proudly singing the swahili verse along with a small select group of others who managed the text and notes to audition standard. The first song is the Glee Club Anthem, “Afterglow” which all Glee Alumni in the audience are invited to sing with us.

The crowd favorite of the evening would have to have been “Run Freedom Run”, the PGC choreographed number, which as seen below had us literally on the edge of our seats.

It would also be remiss of me not to include a sampling of the offerings that Penn Dance brought to our show. However, Thomas’ dad who recorded these videos, neglected to film them as his son didn’t appear in non Glee numbers. My apologies to PD. Thus instead I have posted the finale in which they appear.

After all that, there was the cast party with PD and PGC combined. It wasn’t bad, however PD and PGC as per usual had some troubles integrating, and in my opinion PD was a little cliquey and brought a few too many outsiders to the party, which left a number of clubbers disappointed (aside from those who were just looking PD up and down).

I managed to get to bed at around 3AM, which was problematic as Sunday I was to be up early…

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