Thursday/Friday – Day 164/165

January 14, 2013

The second I entered the classroom a sinking feeling filled my stomach and my intestines dropped a good foot. PHYS362. Electromagnetism II. Though I understood the class decently, I realized that it was going to be another semester of struggles for me. Hopefully it will be worth it in the end. I love physics, but electromagnetism doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea.

The rest of the afternoon I spent chilling with friends before going to see Zero Dark Thirty in the evening with a few Glee clubbers. When I exited the cinema and checked my email however, I received quite a shock! Phi Kappa Psi had invited me back for ‘closed’ rush. A process whereby prospective brothers were selected out of the pool of open rush for closer examination.

Some of the activities I involved myself in with Phi Psi included late night laser tag, with alcoholic beverages and pizza provided and, as expected from any self respecting frat, giant raucous parties. My behaviour was limited to the less┬áraucous┬áside and it was nice to see that respected by the brothers. At one party I went to in the evening, they had stations with ‘bombs’; high strength spirits, that one would drop into a cup of beer and scull. However, there was one brother that was promoting an alcohol free version at eat station, that was gladly accepted by one of the Muslim ‘rushers”.

Friday was a day without classes. My first ever in my University career. Now that was a change. I spent much of the day recovering from the previous evenings antics however in the afternoon I did have TA training and a faculty meeting (for the algorithms course I was to be teaching this semester). The meetings weren’t super productive however it was well worth the pay (far below Australian standards though!) plus I’m super excited about actually teaching a class (as of 13/Jan/2013 I’ve baked cookies for them).

Friday night was finally a chance to get back to the OCP community and to eat dinner and chill with a few close friends. Then a good dose of sleep.

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