Monday – Day 210

March 1, 2013

Monday was as per usual. Very intense with few breaks. Physics recitation in the morning, which went excellently for once, I really understood the problem set! Next up was a meeting with my CIS551 (Security Team), unfortunately, Swaraj, the Indian guy who was meant to arrive, never showed, having slept through his alarm. Amalia, sitting across from me, was just as unimpressed as I was. Next up was a meeting with a student of mine, who was having some troubles in the course, luckily enough, it was largely due to a run of bad luck and one or two silly mistakes on the assignments. Very easily repairable.

Networking and Security were the same as always, nothing particularly fascinating from either. Following that I had a little time before my recitation to prepare and today’s activity was decided on as a brief introductory play and then more group activities. I also received feedback from my students today, and while they appreciated the effort and energy I put in, a few also had useful constructive criticisms that I will hopefully take well into account.

I was a bit too late to rehearsal today, which was unfortunate, as since the Spring Show, I’ve really been enjoying them again! A quick break in between for dinner, then choral society. Unfortunately Steph was no longer able to make it due to group meetings for her management class, but fortunately we decided to keep our Monday night chat tradition alive. Thea, a friend from Perth, thankfully was still there and I enjoy our chats when walking back.

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