Shabbat – Day 44

September 5, 2012

Today was spent sleeping and hanging out with people from the Hillel. Over lunch I chatted to more upperclassmen and was mainly recognized as that aussie-guy-whose-friend-was here-last-semester. Lunch was pleasant enough and I killed time for a while singing Zmirot (Jewish Hymns) with some of the boys. Afterwards Hillel was offering a Jewish walking tour of Penn and I joined on with a few other people I knew and saw parts of Penn that I was yet to discover.

Motzei Shabbat I went out for dinner with Rodin House Exchange and Transfer Students that was funded by the Rodin Dean and was a lovely opportunity to mix and get to know the other new students in my building.

Late Saturday night was back at the Hillel again for pancakes and another social mixer, after which I was so exhausted it was back to sleep. An uneventful Shabbat but an enjoyable.

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